Zombie Targets. Targets Online™ is a manufacturer of Zombie Targets. Targets Online™ specializes in Zombie Targets for recreation and competition. We can also produce Custom Zombie Targets to meet your needs.

Have you ever seen a zombie that looks like a comic book drawing? Neither have we!

Our Lifelike, Realistic Zombie Targets use real people and zombie makeup artists. Leave the comic books behind and shoot at something you would see if there was a real zombie invasion. Realistic Zombie Targets on weather resistant card stock for less money than our competitors paper targets.

Product development and testing is a key area of focus for Zombie Targets Online. We consult with a network of firearms experts to bring you the latest in target innovations. Our products reflect our strong commitment to the safety and security of those working in all aspects of public safety.

Reinforcing our quality philosophy, the high quality materials we use for our card stock targets are twice the thickness of normal target paper. As a result, they are more resistant to tearing, will hold up better in a variety of weather conditions and ultimately will last longer, making them a cost effective solution. In addition, individual scores are easier to identify when there are multiple shots in a tight pattern.

While we offer stock Zombie Targets, Zombie Targets Online can also develop Custom Zombie Targets based upon your specific needs. If you don’t see existing Zombie Targets that will meet your needs, simply send us your specifications, photos or design and we’ll produce Custom Zombie Targets just for you.

For more information about Zombie Targets Online’s stock or Custom Zombie Targets, call 877-505-4079 or
e-mail webinquiry@targetsonline.com